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Last week, “defaced” billboards all around the country sparked quite a commotion among The Chosen viewers. However, what seemed to be “vandalism” was actually a clever marketing gimmick by the producers to persuade a few show sceptics.
Six weeks ago, The Chosen’s “conventional” creative advertising appeared on billboards in 16 markets. Last week, the creative was changed to criticise The Chosen and direct traffic to, a purposefully rudimentary website created by the “devil.”
This week, the show’s producer issued an apology to viewers who had been duped by the billboards, but because we are all gathered here discussing the programme, the ruse appears to have worked.
Angel Studios is a film production company focused on building communities around individual projects while giving viewers the authority to choose what content is created and released. On the Angel platform, creators present their concepts, and “Angel investors” fund the ones they find most exciting (via the Angel Funding Portal). Direct delivery of content to viewers after production causes it to spread like wild after being shared by followers.
Three of the most popular crowdfunded concerts ever have already been produced using the Angel concept, including:

  • With a Christmas special in cinemas, The Chosen, the most successful crowdfunded media production in history, has had over 300 million views to date.
  • The top family-friendly stand-up comedy channel, Dry Bar Comedy, is currently in its seventh season and receives one billion views annually.
  • The Wingfeather Saga is now in development and is the top-funded animated children’s series worldwide.
Liesel Johns

Liesel interned with us but now runs a startup in Los Angeles. She still regularly contributes on topics like OOH, Marketing or Technology. You can always find her near the beach in LA.

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