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Ford has had a tremendous year in more ways than one. The car business unveiled a record-breaking billboard in Madrid, Spain, in February. The Ford EcoSport SUV was promoted by the installation, but that wasn’t what made it such a big deal.

The billboard held the record for largest in the world thanks to its roughly 56,672 square foot size.

The ad brazenly encouraged Madrid for a month with the audacious phrase, “Life is out there. You are?

Soon after construction, it received the official Guinness World Record for Largest Billboard. The previous record had been established in 2014, four years earlier.

Ford breaks the biggest Billboard record ever

The measurements were verified by a Guinness World Records official judge in February, who recognised the EcoSport installation as the world’s largest billboard.

The billboard was installed by engineers on the impressive Edificio Espaa in Madrid. The structure is Madrid’s eighth-tallest structure overall. For the most of February, it housed the enormous billboard, which was the size of 20 tennis courts. At the conclusion of the month, engineers dismantled the 4,409-pound billboard. All of that work, nevertheless, wasn’t in vain. Ford then gave the Apascovi Foundation the entirety of the billboard’s materials. The charity is well-known for being a hub for disabled job seekers. The centre will give the world’s largest billboard a second life by recycling all donated materials used in its creation.

Ford’s well-known phrase, “Go Further,” served as inspiration for the idea to create the largest billboard in the world, which was large enough to win the Guinness World Record. Ford made the decision to adopt their renowned motto literally in conjunction with the introduction of their new EcoSport SUV on the European market. The corporation wanted to both metaphorically and practically “go further.” Ford actually surpassed the previous record holder by more than 2,000 feet.

Selecting the structure

In Madrid, one of the most recognisable structures is the Edificio Espaa. It is a magnificent neo-baroque structure that was completed in 1953.

It also held the title for being the highest structure in Madrid until 1957, when the Torre de Madrid overtook it.

The majestic building’s front was completely encircled by the Ford advertisement.

With plans to transform the vast structure into a five-star hotel with 650 rooms in 2019, it has lain dormant for a number of years.

The previous record is broken

Ford wants to break the previous record while also promoting its brand-new EcoSport SUV. Surprisingly, a rival in the car industry didn’t hold the record. Ford was instead forced to compete with well-known electronics manufacturer LG.

The King Khaled International Airport in Saudi Arabia and the LG cell phone firm collaborated to construct the previous record-holding billboard.

In 2014, it was unveiled at the Dhahran airport. A Guinness World Records judge then verified the incredible achievement.

It took a very long time to commission and construct LG’s billboard. Over the course of three months, engineers built the prior largest billboard in history. It required around 12,000 labour hours to complete the project. The billboard’s actual size when it was fully erected was 32,291 square feet. Over 2,604 square feet of the Ford billboard tower over the Dhahran base.

Who Will Come After?

The auto business faces particularly ferocious competition.

Advertising professionals concur that one of Ford’s rivals is likely to be the next record holder seeking bragging rights on the largest billboard in the world.

In the car business, billboard battles are extremely heated and frequent. Several have garnered media attention, such as the ten-year billboard conflict between the car manufacturers BMW and Audi. Nobody would be shocked if any of the two auto industry giants decided to attempt the record next.

However, the American automaker can be pleased that it will continue to hold the global record for the biggest billboard for at least a few years. The accomplishment is extremely significant, especially at a time when the corporation is undergoing reform.

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