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As the pandemic recedes and vaccination rates rise, things are gradually returning to normal. Returning to normal also includes returning to shopping centres; so let’s talk about mall advertising.

Many malls had to close during the worst of the pandemic or drastically reduce visitors. In fact, California malls didn’t even reopen in full until June 15. However, as the number of cases decreases nationwide, more people feel comfortable going back to crowded areas.

Almost two-thirds of consumers say they feel comfortable visiting malls, according to a new survey by the consumer research firm Morning Consult, a 7% increase in just a few weeks. In addition, over half of those surveyed expressed excitement about returning to the mall after turning increasingly more to online retailers like Amazon during the pandemic.

In what ways does this affect brands? It’s time to look again at advertising possibilities in retail centres. In terms of what is available, a lot is the same as it was post-pandemic, but keep in mind that with customers returning to malls, high demand for advertising may cause inventory to be limited and prices to increase.

We have put together a thorough guide on mall advertising. Learn more about the different sorts of advertising that are offered, their costs, and advice on how to get the most of your advertising expenditure.

Mall Advertising’s Advantages

Which brands gain the most from mall advertising, and why is it a good idea? Compared to two years ago, there is no doubt that the answer to this question has changed. The future of malls seemed more uncertain before the outbreak. Due in part to the growth of internet shopping, store vacancies were up and foot traffic was down.

However, the epidemic brought about two major changes:

  • Since the outbreak started, most individuals have steered clear of crowded areas. Recently, shopping centres have begun to counter the trend by providing a setting where people can socially remove themselves more easily than in a theatre.
  • People are sick of doing all their purchasing online. They want to physically inspect the items they purchase.

Mall foot traffic is therefore rapidly increasing post-pandemic. Who then has the most to gain? The biggest winners are companies whose goods may be purchased inside the mall. No matter how far away point B is, advertising a product that someone can purchase locally ensures that you won’t lose your consumer in transit. Stores can also benefit from advertising sales, which can draw customers inside.

What Is Mall Advertising?

Any advertisement displayed in a mall is considered mall advertising. They may show up on doors, tables, elevators, ceilings, and more. Since everyone eventually needs to study the map, some of the most well-liked mall advertisements are shown on kiosks near to the mall directory.

The advertisements that appear most frequently in malls are as follows:

  • Large backlit displays at mall kiosks. Typically found in the mall walkways, freestanding.
  • Wraps around the escalator or elevator. This one is very self-explanatory.
  • Sky banners: Made of vinyl or another material, they hang from the ceiling.
  • Small or large banners. These are often thinner than sky banners and are hung in different areas of the mall.
  • Outdoor mall banner displays. These are frequently 60-foot-wide displays that are outside the wall.
  • Advertising on the tables in the food court of an outdoor mall.
  • Digital signage. Video-playing screens that are dispersed throughout the mall. A digital out-of-home sign may play only advertisements or entertainment content that alternates between different advertisers.

What Is the Price of Advertising at a Mall?

Depending on the type of ad you want and where you are advertising, mall advertising charges vary. Although the cost can vary by thousands of dollars, it is typically less expensive than advertisements on bus shelters.

It is challenging to identify an average cost for the media seen at malls because of the vast range of prices. What does your money buy you? The average mall ad purchase lasts for four weeks. You can choose exactly what you want to buy. Depending on your objectives, you may find that some of the many ad formats perform better than others, therefore you are not need to purchase them all. Digital mall advertising costs about the same as static, or traditional, forms of advertising.

To check what’s available, contact the mall where you want to place your advertisement. Some options vary depending on the market. For instance, certain malls might not have sky banners or lack escalators.

It goes without saying that prices vary by geography, and adverts in larger cities will cost more. The most sought goods is frequently found in malls in the suburbs closest to the city.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Mall Advertising

As you prepare your mall advertising campaign, have the following principles in mind:

  • Do: Take into account placing banner adverts in various places. It could be possible to transport it across malls, saving money on production costs. To ensure you have the appropriate size and secure other crucial information, check with the mall in advance.
  • Don’t: Promote booze. Ads for alcoholic beverages are typically not permitted in malls.
    Target children. Ads that target youngsters typically do well, so avoid being subtle and target kids under the age of 12. Kids will, for instance, request their parents to take them to a toy store the moment they see an advertisement for one.
  • Don’t: disregard brand awareness. Selling items found in the mall is where mall advertising really shines. Plastering your message in several locations across the mall guarantees that you reach every shopper and reinforces your messaging.
  • Do: As you develop the creative, take into account the special positioning of your advertisement. A message and focal point for anything on a tabletop should differ from those for something on an escalator. Consider where the eyes will travel.
  • Don’t: forget to browse the mall. Before you purchase, view the area where your advertisement will appear. Make sure it can be seen from various perspectives.

By participating in mall advertising as soon as possible, you could avoid price increases as the outbreak ends. Reach out to us right away to go about your possibilities. We can assist you with creative and placements.

What is mall advertising?

Mall advertising is any form of advertising that takes place in shopping malls.

What kinds of businesses need mall advertising?

Many types of businesses can benefit from mall advertising, as shopping malls provide a captive audience of potential customers. Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from mall advertising:

  1. Retail stores: Retail stores selling fashion, footwear, electronics, jewelry, and other consumer goods can benefit from mall advertising. They can use mall advertising to promote their products and drive foot traffic to their stores.
  2. Food and beverage outlets: Restaurants, cafes, and food courts can advertise their menu items, specials, and promotions in malls to attract customers.
  3. Service providers: Service providers such as salons, spas, and banks can benefit from mall advertising. They can use mall advertising to promote their services and build brand awareness.
  4. Entertainment venues: Cinemas, amusement parks, and entertainment venues can advertise their offerings and upcoming events in malls to attract customers.
  5. Online businesses: Online businesses can use mall advertising to drive traffic to their websites and increase brand awareness.

Overall, any business that wants to reach a large and captive audience of potential customers can benefit from mall advertising.

Is mall advertising expensive?

The cost of mall advertising can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the advertising space, the location of the mall, the length of the advertising campaign, and the target audience.

In general, mall advertising can be more expensive than other forms of advertising, such as print or digital advertising. This is because malls provide a captive audience and prime real estate for advertisers, and mall advertising can be an effective way to reach a large and diverse group of consumers.

However, the cost of mall advertising can vary widely, and some mall advertising options, such as directory listings or in-mall posters, may be more affordable than others, such as large-scale installations or multimedia displays.

It’s also possible to negotiate the cost of mall advertising with mall management or advertising agencies, especially if you have a longer-term advertising campaign in mind.

Overall, the cost of mall advertising will depend on your specific advertising goals and budget, as well as the type of advertising space you choose and the mall where you plan to advertise.

What are some tips for best mall advertising campaigns?

For the visitors, create visual experiences
The mall is a miniature planet. Not everyone visits this location just to buy, eat, or watch new releases. They come here generally for entertainment. And a lot of people have a “favorite one.” Be the crowd favorite and provide your visitors with something to marvel at. One of the best mall advertising concepts is to create a visual spectacle through screens. Numerous methods exist for doing it. Special video walls, interactive spaces, and thematic zones can all be made. The subject and mall branding will influence the material.

Gamify the purchasing process
One of the best shopping mall advertising ideas would be to gamify the experience if there are several screens around your center. You could, for instance, set up a QR-code hunt, invite people to snap pictures of specific artifacts, or come up with other creative ideas that can function at the nexus of the physical and the digital worlds. Naturally, there ought to be some benefits in the end.

Step up your advertising game
A mall’s screens can be an effective place for advertising. Additionally, the more effectively you use them, the more money you make from the network, and the more businesses will want to collaborate with you. Make sure to position the displays in the most advantageous places and be aware of your advantages. Ideas for mall advertising are practically endless, but in order to implement them, you must be at the top of your game.

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