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People frequently ask this query when they consider the initial phases of billboard development. Additionally, it’s a good idea to be mindful of what you might need to fish out if you’re doing something with a smaller crew. The size of the billboard, the material used to construct it, how the supports are arranged, and the height of the construction are the main determinants of how much it will cost to erect an outdoor billboard. Whether the billboard will have a single or double face is the second most crucial cost consideration. It entirely relies on the kind of billboard you’re building.

A billboard can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to more than a million dollars to erect. The least expensive billboard to build is a tiny wooden one. The cost increases for larger and more elaborate billboards. An LED billboard is the most expensive of all. These are digital billboards that use digital technology to broadcast the most striking displays, changing the advertisement display every few seconds. Ask yourself what you intend to buy before determining where to build and around what dimensions to build.

Wood is most affordable.

The most prevalent smaller type of billboard is made of wood. Newer billboard designs find common ground with the classic timber appeal because this industry started with wooden construction and has mostly reverted to those early roots. Telephone poles, 2″ x 4″s, and plywood are necessary to make a wooden sign. To build the face of the advertisement, you first drive the telephone poles into the ground, attach them with 2″x4″ stringers, and then nail plywood sheets on top of the stringers.

Wood with One Face

The top of typical sizes is around 25 feet above the ground and 12 feet high. The widths can be between 25 and 48 feet. Depending on their height and size, these signs can cost between $10,000 and $20,000 to construct.

Two-Faced Wood

Double-faced wooden billboards are roughly twice as expensive as single-faced ones.
While the framework for double-faced boards must be smooth on both sides, single-faced boards can include slanted supports at the back. While these dimensions vary, it generally costs between $20,000 and 40,000 to construct a billboard that is 12 feet high, with a top that is around 25 feet above the ground and a width that ranges from 25 to 48 feet.

Steel billboards

Smallest steel monopole signs can be purchased for the same price as wooden billboards. Its moniker, “8-sheet,” refers to the number of wallpaper sheets used to cover it in earlier advertising eras. It is about 5′ x 12′ and consists only of two metal frames and a single steel pole.

Monopole of Steel, One Faced

One steel pillar serves as their support, either in the centre or at one end. Compared to wooden ones, single-faced steel monopole billboards are more expensive. Face measurements typically range from 12 by 25 to 20 by 50 feet. The smallest billboards cost about $40,000 to create, while the bigger ones cost about $90,000. The pole would need greater strength and increase the overall cost if it were positioned at one end rather than the middle.

Steel Single-Faced Multipost

For smaller billboards that are 40 feet high or less, multipost boards are often slightly more affordable than monopole billboards.
Since the billboard is supported at several points, using many steel posts to support it lowers the cost of the board structure while raising the cost of the supports. Costs for boards with lengths of 22 to 50 feet and heights of 10 to 12 feet range from $35 to $77,000. In comparison to the similar monopole boards, this costs a little less.

Steel Monopole with Two Faces

The price increase for the smaller boards is roughly $10,000. The price increase for the larger boards is less than $5,000. In order to add a second face to a steel billboard, the structure must be significantly stronger, but the cost remains the same. This is a crucial piece of advice to keep in mind when examining billboard faces and their associated costs.

Multipost in Double-Faced Steel

These boards have the benefit of being easily organised in a V-shape arrangement, which improves vision from both directions and makes the structure more secure. Double-faced multipost steel boards are slightly more affordable than their monopole counterparts due to their smaller supports and frames. These boards typically have dimensions for each face ranging from 12-by-25 feet to 14-by-48 feet and stand 40 feet tall. These cost anything between $60,000 and $90,000 in total.

It’s time to consider which design you may see your brand on now that we’ve looked at the price of erecting both steel and wood billboards. Remember that steel billboards will cost substantially more than wooden ones due to their additional features after looking at monopoles and multiposts. Enjoy the billboards!

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